We know at Le Pet Spa you will love our new space. The rooms are big and bright with natural light. The facility is divided into many areas based on the needs of our guests be it grooming, daycare or long term stay.

Our new playground is equipped with slides, stairs, ramps and tunnels all to enhance stimulating play.  A bubble machine provides tons of fun and exercise and to make the space feel more like home we have a large television for playing movies. 

For those who require some quiet or alone time cosy enclosures are available to separate our guests from the pack.  These spaces are used during feeding times, to administer medications or just as an escape for a moment of relaxation if need be.

At Le Pet Spa we take security seriously.  Everyone must be buzzed in upon entering.  The  security cameras and  monitor in the reception area run at all times. At any time between 7am and 7pm [Monday – Saturday] you can walk in and take a look to see what your pups are up to, but from 7pm-7am the  facility is locked down for the evening to ensure everyone’s safety.  As a final precaution the facility is also equipped with fire alarms and a fully functioning sprinkler system.